The Rejuvenating Power of Sleep

The Lord wanted man to rest nearly a third of their entire lives. Many Christians that I’ve worked with really don’t adhere to this and it really affects their body weight. There is much evidence pointing to the fact that not sleeping enough can lead to chronic disease and obesity, causing us to be sick and fat.

a sleeping child holding the BibleThe Bible doesn’t give exact numbers for how long we should rest, but it does guide us.

Reading through the Bible I realized quickly that it wasn’t just caffeine that was keeping me up at night. Something far worse was brought to my attention when I read and meditated on Proverbs 3:24. It explains that when you go to sleep that you should not be afraid, that when you lie down you’ll find that your sleep will then be sweet.

That was when I realized that my problem was fear and worry. Reading that verse made me realize that I wasn’t having faith and trusting in Jesus. My spiritual emptiness was causing some of my sleep issues.

I was focusing and worrying about a thing that I couldn’t control. This one verse made me realize that I shouldn’t be carrying these burdens by myself. Matthew 11:28-30 explains that those who work in the fields and have heavy burdens can come to him, and he’ll offer rest because his burden is light.

God watches over all of us and intends us to get good sleep every single night. Psalm 121:4 says, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber, nor sleep reminds us we are not God. God handles the world for us so we can sleep and rest and feel completely rejuvenated.

Jesus gives us the correct balance of resting and being active. While a tempest was raging all around him, he slept easily and peacefully, trusting in the protection of His Father. That shows us that it doesn’t matter the storms in our path, God is watching over us, and we can sleep peacefully knowing that we’re in the hands of the Lord. During your forty days of gratitude and prayer, you’ll start seeing more and more restful and peaceful nights, and you’ll start growing closer to Jesus.

According to Dr. Justus Schifferes, who is the former Director of the Health Education Council, sleep is so much more than just relaxation and rest. It’s the time for your body to repair and recuperate and grow and heal. Throughout your normal daily routine, he continues, your body’s cells must be replaced as they wear out. This regrowth happens much faster when sleeping.

Besides, not getting enough sleep hampers our emotional information processing. So, when you don’t get enough rest, you’re not just hurting yourself, but those around you by affecting your interactions with your family and those you love.

What all this means is that if you are consistently sleeping enough with the right sleep, you’ll be giving yourself the absolute best chance of being your best self. (Part 2 – Sabbath Sleep)

Christian Bible Reading for Relaxation and Sleep

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