Fittest Christian Leaders in The Country – Top 8 List

Samir Becic is a 4-time #1 world champion fitness trainer. Along with his Fitness Revolution team, they conducted a little research to find the most Fit Christian Leaders located in America. In this article, the goal is to alert all spiritual leaders about the benefits of being more physically fit while representing their beliefs and their faith going into the 21st century. The prosperity and wealth of any nation depend on the physical health of its people.

According to Samir Becic, “Spiritual awareness is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. It impacts your entire body and rejuvenates your spirit as well. Being physically fit and eating a healthy enables your spirit to flourish and assists in deepening your relationship with God.”

One of the most alarming statistics and actual crisis in the church today is the fact that statistics reveal that people in our churches today are in the worst physical condition than the rest of the general population. In a study done in Purdue in 2006, it was found that fundamental Christians are among the heaviest of any religious group led by Baptists. They have an obesity rate of 30%. When you compare that to obesity rates in other religions, like –

Jews – 1%
Buddhists – 0.7%
Hindus – 0.7%

It is mind-staggering. Another study performed at Northwestern University in 2011, had tracked 3,433 men and women over an 18-year period, and revealed that the young adults who had attended church services or bible studies once a week were 50% more likely to become obese.

Here is a list of pastors who are great examples for their congregations to follow. They are actively being role models as well as offering excellent programs to their congregations. These pastors and priest are, in our opinion, the full definition of nutrition, spiritual balance, and fitness.

Pastor Joel Osteen

Joel-OsteenPastor Joel made headlines a couple of years back when he was shown on a beach in Hawaii sporting 6-pack abs. That was a real testament to his commitment to exercise. Osteen often posts advice about diet and fitness on his website. He encourages everyone to “care for their temple.”

Father Mark Ivany

Father Mark IvanyIt is not just church leaders and their patrons who suffer from obesity problems. Mark Ivany simply believes that all Americans can perform their calling, whatever it may be if they are in better physical condition. He stated, “the priesthood and physical fitness have much in common. The healthier I stay, the longer I can perform my duties as a priest and help others here on earth.”

Pastor Steve Spear

steve-spearSteve Spear is a 49-year old pastor who began his regular running schedule 5 years ago. He ran from coast to coast (a total of 3081 miles) which took him from Los Angeles to New York in just 5 months. He averages 170 miles per week which equaled running a marathon every day.

Pastor Chuck Bernal

This pastor has not always been the perfect picture of health. So in 2010 he made up his mind to change things and do them right. Well, it paid off big time. When he began, he weighed 367 pounds. After 12 months of exercise, dieting, and hard work, he managed to get down to 226 pounds. ChuckBernal-Before-AfterHe has also managed to maintain this weight for 18 months – proof that he has made a true change in his lifestyle. Here are a few of his secrets :

1. His eating routine consists of 5 small meals every day.
2. He drinks more than 100 ounces of water every day.
3. He exercises no less than 5 times every week.
4. He spends 45 minutes every day on the elliptical and goes to the gym as well.

Pastor Scott Bennefield

Also referred to as the ‘Ironman Pastor’ he started running for fitness back in 1991. PASTOR-SCOTT-BENNEFIELDHe began as just an average guy who has a minimal athletic background. After that time he has added 7 Ironman finishes to his account, the first one coming when he was 43 years old. He now serves as associate pastor and helps run the ‘faith and fitness’ program at New Covenant Church located in New Mexico.

Monsignor Rick Hilgartner

Monsignor Rick HilgartnerThe American Monsignor believes it’s the onslaught of modern technology and the advances we’ve made in transportation that are to blame for our modern-day sedentary lifestyles. He believes that if he is to seriously be a good steward of God’s gift, his body, then he needs to care for it as best as he can.

Pastor Rick Warren

How to Set Personal Goals By Faith with Pastor Rick Warren

Rick Warren is a mega-church pastor who one day experienced an epiphany during the baptizing of 858 people. When he dipped number 500 into the water, he noticed how badly he was aching in his arms. This led him to the conclusion that “we’re all just fat.” He included himself in that line of thinking and decided to do something about it. He got together with leading experts in the field of fitness like Dr. Oz, and created a health program to benefit Christians and called it the ‘Daniel Plan’. He himself managed to lose 30 pounds using this plan. He claims that God is interested in much more than your soul, and the Daniel plan is designed to assist with healing to some degree.

Pastor Heather Lindsey

She knows exactly what it takes to keep fit and stay healthy. After all, she used to walk as a television show host. She wrote a book that she titled ‘The Perfect Recipe’. It is an invitation to all women desiring to get closer to the Lord to eat healthier and live a better lifestyle.

The ‘Health Fitness Revolution’ created by the Samir Becic Foundation is classified as a 501(c)3 organization, aimed at making the world a more physically fit and healthier place. Please DONATE today!

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